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Details About Our Skin Wraps

Package Contents:

Each and every package contains the skin(s) based on the customer's selection, a lint-free cleaning cloth, and instructions for the application. The skins are pre-cleaned (unnecessary decal pieces are weeded from the screw and inside areas).

Our technology, materials, and procedure:

Stock graphics and customized skin designs are printed on digital vinyls by employing ECO-Solvent technology, and then are laminated with gloss / luster / matte over-laminates to protect the print from scratches and fading. After lamination, the thickness of the application-ready skin is approximately 6 mil (0.006", or 0.17mm), therefore the dimensions of the device will virtually not change. The thickness of cut vinyls, such as matte / gloss solid colours, 3D textured carbon fibers, and chameleon (color-changing) may vary; see "details" of product to ascertain the definite dimensions within the aforesaid categories.

The equipment used for our products (printers, laminators, vinyl cutters) are manufactured in Japan; print materials (vinyls, laminates) are made in the US. Materials, such as the covers and packages, are produced in Canada, and the decals themselves are produced in Canada as well.

To provide our customers with a facile, uncomplicated application process, the vinyls have air channels, meaning in case air bubbles are trapped beneath the vinyl while it is being positioned onto the device, the bubbles can be effortlessly squeezed out without peeling off the skin and reapplying it.

Stock and Custom Skin Designs:

WallPlateDecals provides both in-house artworks and licensed artworks from third party providers and graphic artists.

If a customer wishes not to, or is having difficulties to manage our online skin customizer, he or she may send their artwork via e-mail to We accept images in the following formats: .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .PDF, .JPG and .PNG . Granted we are sent AI or EPS files please make sure the texts are outlined, and the images are embedded.

When sending an image, we recommend the image to be in approximately 300DPI resolution, and that bleed is provided to ensure the proper look after die-cutting. Certain images may look great in 100DPI, but the higher the resolution is the better quality we are able to offer. Once the order is placed, we will send the customer a proof of the decal we have generated, and thenceforth a discussion will be open as to what alterations should be made to the skin (sizing or positioning), in case the customer's expectations are not met. When the customer has approved of the design, the decal is finalized and ready to be printed.

What kind of wall plates we support:

We support Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple (1-4 gang) wall plates, the inside cuts can be for Toggle LightSwitches, Decora LightSwitches, Wall Socket Duplex Receptacles in any combinations. We offer blank skin warps as well for special outlets, on these stickers we do not have any inside cuts, so they can be applied for any plates, the skin can be easily customized by a sharp utility knife.

Currently we offer 0 different stock skins for different wall plates. Visit us again, as our selection expands frequently.